Farming legendaries for Diablo 3

Lots of people are wondering what the best way is to farm legendary items in Diablo 3. They ask whether there are specific bosses or acts to farm for them, or whether or not they’re just random drops. The fact is that there is no best way to farm these super rare items. If you want to get a bunch of them, the best way to do it is with a bot like D3 Mimic!

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D3 Mimic

d3 mimic mmo farmingThis bot can grind away for hours while you get back to your real life. The problem with many MMO’s is that they expect the player to work for days to get the things they want in game. This kind of endless grinding is really not the best way to make a game if you want to keep people entertained. Luckily, D3 Mimic has thought of a way to keep players interested in the game by grinding it out for them. If you don’t want to have to play for hours on end just to maybe find a new piece of gear, then you need to get this bot. MMO Mimic makes bots for all kinds of MMO’s like Rift Mimic and the very popular WoW Mimic.

Farm While You Sleep

The best thing about this bot is the fact that you do not have to be present for it to work. Simply set up what it is you want to get done and the bot will grind it endlessly until you get back. What’s more, this bot is virtually undetectable so Blizzard will never know you’re using it. This means you can have more time to yourself as well as a better character in game. D3 Mimic truly gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to this awesome game.


Updates for Legendaries and more diablo 3

d3 legendary sword

Due to a large amount of negative feedback, Blizzard has decided to make legendaries better with this small patch. They will now occur with much better stats and a chance to have lots of interesting special stats unique to legendaries. While legendary items have gotten better, they haven’t gotten a whole lot easier to farm. Looking for a good way to farm these legendaries? Check out the official Diablo 3 bot!
The Problem with Legendary Items
Many players were reporting that legendary items were a joke. They never came around, and when they did they had awful stats that were completely random. Blizzard has attempted to fix this somewhat with their changes to legendaries in one of their most recent patches. This change also affects two handed weapons as they usually aren’t competitive. These massive weapons will now have special stats on them that will make using them much more worth while. Hopefully, these changes will make gearing up more fun than the endless grind it is now.
Upcoming Diablo 3 PVP Changes
PVP was a much enjoyed aspect of Diablo II and many people are disappointed that it is still unreleased in the sequel. Blizzard assures us that it is taking so long because they want it to be all it can be at release. PVP matches will have players either group up into groups of four or randomly place them into a group with three other players. Matches will last ten minutes on one of the many arena style maps coming to Diablo 3. During this time, the team that accumulates the most kills will be victorious. This is a very different approach to PVP than we see in World of Warcraft or even in Diablo II. This new kind of PVP in Diablo 3 ought to be fun for a long time to come.

Farming a million gold Inferno Witch Doctor

 The Witchdoctor is one of the most versatile classes in Diablo 3. This spellcaster uses fire and shadow magic to bring down foes from afar. They also control many different summoned minions that aid them in combat. Learn more about the Witch Doctor and how to farm tons of gold in D3 with a Diablo 3 Bot.

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Best Witch Doctor Build

This is the most efficient farming spec for Witch Doctors in the current D3 patch. While there is a little room for customization, most of these skills are mandatory. This rune for Firebomb creates a pool of fire at the base of the explosion that persists for a few seconds. This is a great upgrade to an already staple Witch Doctor skill. Spirit Walk – Jaunt lets you stay in the spirit realm for a longer amount of time so you can escape more dangers. Rain of Corpses makes Grasp of the dead a top tier skill. And Mass Hysteria on Mass Confusion is always great for buying your party more time. Horrify – Frightening Aspect turns your fear into an armor buff as well while Hex – Hedge Magic brings forth a small fetish shaman that will heal allies.

Farming the Smart Way

If you are intelligent, you’re probably wondering why Blizzard would make us grind our fingers off for little to no gain. Once your character hits level 60, there is very little progression and the game feels boring. If you feel the same way, then it might be time to try D3 Mimic. This bot is great because it can do everything you can do, but you don’t have to be there! This means you can finally have your real life back as well as a sweet character in Diablo 3. Farming doesn’t have to be hard on the player, have D3 Mimic do the farming for you with their free 24 hour trial and see what all the buzz is about!


Diablo 3 wizard build

The Wizard is another spell caster class in Diablo 3 that uses elemental magic to bring down enemies. They have many potent skills that can put the hurt down on just about anything that comes in their way. Apart from not being at all adept at melee combat, the Wizard is an undefeatable class in Diablo 3. try out your own Wizard today and also check out D3 Bots for your own diablo 3 bot.

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 Wizard Abilities

Here’s the spec to use if you just want to own demons in Diablo 3. These six skills work together perfectly to give the Wizard both massive damage dealing potential and the ability to survive an onslaught of attacks. Venom Hydra is your first ability for good reason. This little guy creates pools of poison that massively damage enemies. Force Weapon turns your minor damage increase spell into a great one as a chance to knockback enemies on hit is always welcome. Energy Armor – Pinpoint Barrier increases your chance to crit which is always valuable. The Pure Power rune on Archon will have you activating this cool down all the time as it reduces the length of the cool down. Arcane Orb – Tap the Source is a cheap way to deal damage to enemies and Teleport – Fracture summons decoys for enemies to attack after you attempt to teleport away.

Other Useful Wizard Skills

The passive abilities are very important in this build as well. Glass Cannon makes you do 15% more damage, so it at first seems like a no brainer. But this skill also reduces your armor and resistances. Regardless, it’s still a good spell for any Wizard to take. temporal Flux causes your Arcane spells to slow enemies. This will make it harder for them to reach you and save you from taking a lot of damage in the end. Finally, Critical Mass is your last recommended passive skill. This skill causes your critical hits to reduce the cool downs on all of your spells by one second! With this superior build, you will be farming Inferno yourself in no time!


Farming gold in Inferno Acts 1-3

Inferno is the only place players go when they want to farm high level items. While Act 1 doesn’t drop the best loot, Acts 2 and 3 are great for both new players to Diablo 3 and those veteran players trying to hone their skills. If you want to be great just like all of these other players, then there are a few simple things that you just have to have.


Farming Gold with D3 Mimic

This is the number one bot to buy if you want to make all kinds of money in Diablo 3. This game is revolutionary in that players can buy and sell items in the real money auction house. While Blizzard gets a small portion of all of these transactions, players can still be rewarded with real money for spending time in a game. This is unheard of in any other MMO and it is why many people were excited for the launch of Diablo 3. Now that the initial hype has died down, the real money auction house is a part of every day life. The best way to exploit this system is to use D3 Mimic and farm to your heat’s content while you do other things that really interest you. No more will you have to spend time grinding and not having fun in a game.

Making Money with a Diablo 3 Bot

If you put the time and effort in, you can actually make a lot of money from the real money auction house in Diablo 3. D3 Mimic is the best way to do this as it’s like working two jobs at once. Set up your bot when you have to go to work or anywhere else and your work is done. Your character will farm end game content until you get back and tell it to do something else! With D3 Mimic and the RMAH, it has never been so easy to make money from playing video games!


Selling gold in-game diablo 3 d3


make real money with d3Players can now make real money just from playing a video game! This amazing turn of events is thanks to none other than Blizzard’s new game Diablo 3 in which players can sell their hard earned items or gold for real money on the auction house. While the system is still wildly fluctuating because it is new, millions of players have discovered the best way to make money while sitting at the computer. D3 Mimic, a bot for Diablo 3, can take you one step further than that though.

Farming AFK with a Diablo 3 Bot: D3 Mimic

Diablo 3 requires players to farm for hours if they want any hope of getting that new item. Diablo 3 Mimic is the first official bot for Diablo 3 and has many features to keep users coming back. You can now level your character or grind high level items while you aren’t even at your computer. This bot is also 100% undetectable by Blizzard so you won’t get your account banned. If you want to be at the head of the game in Diablo 3, you simply need D3 Mimic to survive. Without this bot, players would still be grinding their fingers off all for one marginally better piece of gear.

Profiting from the RMAH

Once you’ve gathered plenty of useful items, it’s as easy as putting them up on the auction house and seeing if they sell! Always check prices for items with the same name, Unlike in WoW, items with the same name can have stats that vary slightly. If you have the best version of your item, you’re free to put it up for however much you want. If making money from playing video games sounds like a great deal to you, you’re not alone. Millions of other players have already learned the secret of combining D3 Mimic with the real money auction house in Diablo 3.


Become a Diablo 3 gold selling champion!

The real money auction house in Diablo 3 is an incredibly revolutionary idea. Players can essentially trade in the items or gold they’ve earned for real money. While Blizzard does get a cut of this, it is still worth it as players can finally be compensated for all the work they put in online. The RMAH in Diablo 3 is an incredible new idea that all gamers should check out.

Check out the Diablo 3 Bot Guide.Posted Image


 Inflated Diablo 3 Gold

As you can see from the picture, the price of gold is currently a little out of whack. Players can still receive a quarter of real money for making a million gold in the game. This is a brand new idea that no other MMO has ever tried before. While the system is still developing, it’s clear that players are enjoying this new incentive to play. The best to make real money from playing diablo 3 is through D3 Mimic. This bot lets you go AFK while your character continues to farm high level areas. When you return, you’ll find your characters with bags full of rare items ready to go again! D3 Mimic is the best bot out there for Diablo 3 as it is efficient and more importantly, safe. Other bots may get you banned, but D3 Mimic is a cut above the rest.

Make Money from Playing Video Games

It’s amazing that players can now sit at home and make money right from their computer. You don’t even have to go out and see the real world if you don’t want to. But Diablo 3 lets the player have ultimate freedom as it functions just as well when you are not there. All you have to do is set up the bot before you leave your house and let the program do the rest. If you want to start making real money for virtual items in Diablo 3 , you have to get D3 Mimic!


D3 Builds used by Developers and their secrets

Diablo 3 has no shortage of different builds that players can use to defeat monsters. Some of the best builds are made by the game developers themselves as they have a real feel for a game on a different level than most people do. This is why we have compiled a list of useful builds that the Diablo 3 developers use when they play the Monk class.

The most useful Diablo 3 Monk Build

female monk build d3The Monk is a fan favorite class in Diablo 3. This mighty melee combatant releases swift jabs and kicks at enemies to gain the upper hand. Cyclone Strike with the Implosion rune is the first skill chosen. This will pull all enemies towards you from very far away allowing your group to make quick work of them. Crippling Wave – Concussion is the spirit builder chosen for this build as it decreases the damage all affected enemies deal by 20%. Breath of Heaven with Circle of Life is almost mandatory to give the player a quick reactive heal. Serenity – Ascension is another such skill that makes your character completely immune for 4 seconds. To finish the build off we have Blinding Flash – Searing Light which gives elites affected by your blind an increased chance to miss. And finally, Mantra of Healing – Time of Need is used to give all group members extra resistance to all types.

Passive Skills

The Monk has a large number of passive skills to choose from when choosing his build. The first of these is mandatory though. One with Everything makes it so your highest elemental resistance is applied to all resistances. This means Monks can stack poison or cold resistance while all other classes have to stack resist all. Near Death Experience is another useful skill that will return you to life with 35% health and spirit when killed. This effect does have a cool down though. Finally, this particular build uses Fleet Footed to increase movement speed by 10%.


Diablo 3 Leveling up with ease


diablo 3 classes wizard witch doctor demon hunter barbarian monkLeveling up in Diablo 3 can be a long process that quickly gets old after you’ve cleared the game on Normal difficulty. Players then have to progress through the exact same content in Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno modes before they reach max level. Needless to say, many players are outraged at this. Why are we being asked to level the same content four times? There is good news for all you sufferers out there in the Diablo 3 bot

Diablo 3 Mimic Is Easier

after you’ve cleared the game on Normal difficulty, there is really not a whole lot to look forward to. Indeed, the monsters get stronger and much harder to take down, but the quests and maps on which players will be playing are exactly the same. It’s important to get D3 Mimic if you happen to think this way too. You can simply set up the bot and go do what it is you really enjoy while your character farms levels all day. This is easily the quickest way to get to level 60 as you will have virtually no down time in your game play!

Level 100 Paragon with Ease

A recent patch in Diablo 3 let max level characters increase their level once again from levels 1 to 100 Paragon. Each level earned by the player will earn them more Magic Find so they don’t have to carry an entirely different set of gear. Getting to level 100 Paragon is simple with D3 Mimic! In fact, you will more than likely have one of the first of these incredibly strong characters with just one small purchase of D3 Mimic. This bot can level, grind high level items, and much much more so there are really no negatives to buying. Get D3 Mimic now on this free 24 hour trial and be amazed at the greatness of this bot!


Millions of diablo 3 gold for the taking

Do you want to make lots of money in Diablo 3? Well good news! You can now farm millions of gold each and every day with Diablo 3 Mimic. This incredible bot can do so many things that it is a wonder there are any other D3 bots out there at all. Try the free trial for this amazing diablo 3 bot now and see what everyone’s buzzing about.

Making Gold and Money in D3

The great thing about this new MMO is that players can turn in their gold or hard earned items for real cash! No other game has ever tried something like this before and the outcome is nothing but good. Players all over the world are grinding their little fingers to the bone in order to make a quick buck. But it doesn’t have to be this hard. D3 Mimic is perfectly capable of running while you are out and enjoying your day. This means that all you have to do to start your bot is to turn it on and tell it what to do! Your bot will grind high level areas or level up without question until you return and change your orders. If you want to make the most real money possible in D3, then check out the Diablo 3 bot D3 Mimic.

Grinding Diablo or Real Life

The classic problem with most MMO’s returns in Diablo 3. The game designers simply expect players to have too much time on their hands. Players have to grind for hours on end in hopes of making even a marginal improvement to their gear. But this pointless grinding can be all but eliminated with the easy purchase of D3 Mimic. This bot will grind end game content for you so you can get back to your real life. If you want to have a great character and still hang out with your friends, then D3 Mimic is your only option!